Aura Kingdom: Evil VS Good


Set foot in the flamboyant world of Azuria as an Envoy of Gaia and take part in  amazing combat scenes alongside your Eidolon pet companion, a spirit of the Aura Kingdom who reflects the best of what is inside the Envoy’s heart.

Experience this anime H&S MMORPG Aura Kingdom and join the fight against darkness as am Envoy of Gaia, defend the realm against powerful forces seeking to destroy it. Summon the Eidolons to aid you in your quest to defeat the dark knight Reindhart and his army of evil. Complete hidden quests to earn rewards and glide through the skies of Azuria using the game’s glide system!


Feel immersed in this anime universe with the amazing graphics Aura Kingdom provides the player and pick your character from a large choice of classes: Guardian, Duelist, Ravager, Wizard, Sorcerer, Bard, Grenadier, Gunslinger, Brawler, Ranger, Ronin, and Necromancer. Journey around the lands of Azuria to bring back peace and enjoy side activities such as fishing and digging for rewards!

Are you and your Eidolon up for the challenge?