Battlerite: When is it going Free to play


From Stunlock Studios:

The Battlerite Early Access has been a huge success and last week’s Free-Weekend was a testament to this. We are now in the process of scaling up the team to increase our capacity across all areas – development, community efforts, gameplay balance and so forth. In the long run we are confident that our efforts will ensure the longevity of Battlerite for several years ahead but we will need more time to develop our internal processes while expanding Battlerite with new features, content and improvements. Because of this, we are now aiming for a Free-To-Play release in late 2017.


It is a privilege for us to be able to make this decision. We can now put more time and effort into the game we love to play and develop. We want to thank all our players, our founders for enabling us to do this.

There are several aspects of Battlerite that we want to improve before a Free-To-Play release. In the near future we will release the first version of our overhauled Ranking System, a new Champion and several quality of life updates.

In 2017 you can expect several new exciting features and updates to the game experience. In addition to this there will be updates and improvements to existing in-game systems such as an improved quest system, detailed profiles, ranking and season system updates, Odeum improvements and more.We will continue to push out a steady stream of content, new champions, bigger and more grandiose arenas, legendary outfits and new item types to name a few. We will be more active with our community and help drive community efforts. We will develop tools to make it easier to host events and tournaments. We will improve private mode, replays and spectator functionality to enable growth in the eSports scene.We have huge ambitions and are looking forward to having you with us on the journey, to help us improve Battlerite and create one of the greatest PvP games ever made, together.