Brawl of Ages:Strategic Superiority is Key


Enter the arena and destroy your opponent in the Newest Collectible Card Game on your desktop!!All the characters are unlocked from the beginning, to show that this game is everything but pay-to-win.This New Steam Game is totally free, and is a good addition to the upcoming trend of card games. This game gives you the feeling of real and intense 1v1 battles.

Do you have the ultimate strategy and can you think steps ahead to combine the perfect attack, then Brawl of Ages will be the ultimate Real-Time Strategy game for you!!This game has just been launched, but already is very popular. For that same reason there is already a brawl of ages tournament announced that will start on 16 september 2016.

Brawl of Ages gives more than every other comparable game. Can you handle the one-on-one duels where defending is the best attack and attacking will lead you to victory? Build your legendary deck and BRAWL to prove your strategic superiority.