Cabals: The Epic Trading Card Game


Cabals combines the strategic deck building of card games and tactics of a chess like board game. The classic collectible card game is now designed from the ground up for the PC. Choose your side, build your perfect deck and battle in the War of Cabals to decide the fate of humandkind!

Cabals unites two gaming genres, combining the magic of collectible card games with the mechanics of a board game. This deep strategy is amplified when you are brave enough to compete online. The game board introduces a completely new spatial dimension into card games. With the new innovative approach, the value of each card is not determined only by its attributes and powers, but also by where it’s located on the game board.

Constructing a card deck is a major part of gameplay in Cabals: Magic & Battle Cards. A deck may contain any amount of cards, but must maintain a minimum of 30 cards. There is a limit of three repeat cards per deck. Each deck contains a special Hero unit which has a powerful once-per-game ability. Cards that can be placed into a deck are limited by the special Hero unit that is chosen – meaning that some cards are available only to certain heroes, while other cards are prohibited. Combat takes place when two units try to occupy the same position on the game board. A unit has a power number that determines how much damage it can deal and absorb. When a unit receives more damage than its power number, it is destroyed. Some units are given special abilities that modify their power.

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