Divine Storm : Own the Fantasy Universe

divine storm

Evil monsters are lurking around the land waiting to spread evil. Step into this fantasy themed MMORPG to defeat them – acquire skills to become more powerful, undertake quests to earn various in game rewards and learn to rotate your skills optimally to unleash devastating combos, and defeat waves of enemies at once.

Choose amongst three classes: the durable Warrior, deadly Ranger, or spell-casting Mage. Upgrade your hero through seven character systems: Costumes, War Souls, Artifacts, Wings, Relics, Mounts, and Pets.

Much praise can be given to the game’s graphics, and to its totally immersive soundtrack. Put your headsets on, and be ready to be totally transported to the world of this excellent MMORPG. Play manually or turn on auto-play, so that your character continues leveling even when you’re not controlling them.

Your fellow warriors and mages are working to eliminate the threat of the reawakened evil dragon and his minions at the start of the game, and your very first mission is to pursue the evil dragon and rescue the Elven princess whom he kidnapped. Will you be up to the task?