Dragon Awaken: Grow your Dragon Skills


Legendary Dragon Knights began to appear after a commander led his forces against the dragon lair but the attack did not go as planned, and some of the warriors ended up possessing the powers of a dragon.

Become one of these Dragon Knights in this fantasy browser MMORPG and explore the extent of your powers while making your way through different dungeons. Upgrade your character as you progress, escape from enemies, defeat armies and hunt your targets. Progress across this mystical land to level up yourself and your pet dragon.

On your adventures you’ll come across different dragons that you can own and bring into battle with you. What makes them so special is that they can deal damage with special stats that will completely ignore an enemy’s defenses, so you will want to keep them as strong as possible and find new dragons that are even stronger when the time comes. Dragons can even take control of your units in battle and provide them with extra stats by emitting powerful auras, pushing your entire team’s strength to untold heights. You won’t be at a loss for strength with a full-blooded dragon in your ranks!

Dragon Awaken Key Features:

  • No Fixed Classes –choose any talents you like for your characters and forge the builds you want to play.
  • Multiple Heroes –build your team from a wide variety of powerful heroes to save the world.
  • Mount Collection –collect multiple mounts, from Lava Dragons to glorious Griffins.
  • Mini-Games –take a break from adventuring and play multiple mini-games to earn unique rewards.
  • PvP –flex your team’s prowess by challenging other players.