Gigantic: The Ultimate Strategic Shooter


Gigantic is a third-person, fast & fluid strategic hero shooter. You can take your pick over nineteen unique heroes with their individual super skills. In Gigantic you can pick any hero you want, however we all now that it is really the Hero that will choose you.
Become the hero and join the ultimate battle, and run, fly or teleport through multiple impressive arena’s. Your preference of attack will be provided too. Are you more of a long-range sniper, or will you enter the battle first and destroy the opposing team with your pure lethal power?

Join the Gigantic community now and conquer the first spot on the leaderboards. Let thousands of players eat your bullets, fists and dust. Become the God of the Arena and destroy the Gigantic.

This Game is currently available on Steam and is Free-to-Play! Real gamers will not miss this awesome arena shooter, as skill is everything in this game. Will you prove yourself in the Chaos of Gigantic?