Goodgame Big Farm: Fun Farm Simulation


Join this original looking farm in a sunny and lively setting! This is the happy world that you will experience in GoodGame Big Farm, the browser based farm simulation for all ages.

A mysterious old farmer named George has unwillingly left you to tend to his farm. However, you aren’t very well skilled in the work of a farmer, but you’ll be able to figure it out quickly with the help of local farm girl Tessa Townsend.

First you need to learn a lot, this involves quite a bit of farming, you will be planting plenty of crops, harvesting them, and selling them for cash. You’ll also have to take care of your animals and generally just keep your farm running as efficiently as possible, so you got your work cut out for you.

When you think you’ve done everything in your power to make your farm the best there is, you can have a look at other players’ farms, chat with them, and even trade to take it to the next level.

GoodGame Big Farm is now free-to-play! So, what are you waiting for, live an exciting life in the country with your own farm. Will you be the one that saves the Big Farm?