Gwent It is Here – Public Beta Play Now

Time to step back in the world of the Witcher this time in the form of a free to play collectible card game, Game developer CDproject red has created a standalone game based on the minigame found in the bestseller the Witcher 3.



But don’t be deceived instead of releasing this minigame they have given it the same level of polish and thought as their main titles for which they are so well known, they have made huge improvements since the game entered closed beta. The open beta comes with fully animated cards and some of the highest quality art you can find in any CCG.

For the ones not as familiar with the card game set in the Witcher universe, it would best be described as a mix up between the titan in card games Hearthstone and poker. Players have to win 2 rounds in order to win the game, but the amount of cards they get during these rounds are limited what this means is that you often have to bluff or hold back cards in order to deceive your opponent to ultimately crush him!

The Game features 5 factions each with their unique play style and amazing art and background story known from the Witcher games and books. The open beta features a full multiplayer experience and all cards obtained now will be kept after the full launch of the game. Speaking of which the full launch will include a fleshed out single player experience in which you go on adventure and will find the ability to find numerous cards and gain experience to conquer the world of the Witcher. But why wait when you can get your hands on it now?