Rail Nation: Create Your Railroad Empire


Your Railroad empire in your hands, and ready to take over the world. Millions of Rail Nation fans already are devoting their energy in the fascination and enjoyment of the endless tracks that Rail Nation offers. With 113 engine upgrades, 11 station building and 294 level upgrades this strategy game is one of the most sophisticated Rail games.

You will be given the opportunity to start your own railway company, manage transports on a daily basis and to team up with other companies to become the best Rail Nation player on your own or with your team. Get your name on the eternal leaderboard and show everyone across the world what a real railroad strategist is.

So, are you a fan of tracks, trains, locomotives or routing, this game will give you the solid pleasure of building an extended railroad system and opening the most lucrative routes. Rail Nation gives the possibility to continuously research new engines and feel the attraction of innovating technologies like steam, diesel and electric engines.

Transport goods or people from 50 cities and 1708 industries per map, and enjoy the large player community, where you can be elected mayor or president to coordinate all individual efforts. All aboard!!