Archeage: Reborn 3.0 is Finally Here!


Archeage is developed by Korean developer Jake Song, and published by Trion Worlds. The game is a high fantasy MMORPG Sandbox and gives the players alot of freedom. Whether you want to focus on a profession, player housing or PVP Archeage offers something for everything.The game was released in January 2014 in Korea and 1 year later in North America and Europe.

Gameplay. Archeage features a big open world without so called zones or instance. Players are free to go everywhere they want and to explore this big universe by foot or on a mount. The combat of Archeage is similar to most traditional MMORPG’s but in addition they offer naval combat in which players obtain a ship which needs to be build and equipped in order to fight other players or gaint Sea monsters.


Choose your destiny, Archeage differes from all text book MMO’s by giving the players true freedom to travel around focus on farming, crafting questing or any activity they want master. You can even grab a glider and use this unique mode of transportation to find unique locations not seen by many. The skill system of Archeage gives you limitless possibility and will enable you to create your own class. there even is a Criminal justice system that lets players answer to their crimes. What path will you choose?