SAO’s Legend: Battle for Ultimate Glory


SAO’s Legend is a Free-to-Play MMORPG that provides the experience of becoming one of the main characters. This game is adapted and authorized by the anime series of Sword Art Online. Survive all levels, platforms and dungeons and be rewarded with keeping your life and maybe a nice girlfriend you can pick up along the way.

With worldwide new servers in 2017,  SAO’s Legend is ready for this year to handle even more players to join. So sign up now for this action game, and enjoy the various levels of SAO. Destroy your enemies, rank up and join of the guilds available. Sharpen your sword now, because you will be needing it soon!


Get ready for unpredictable challenges in the world of Aincrad. Survive the game or die in real life! This epic MMORPG will test your skills in the famous anime story of Sword Art Online. Are you ready for the fast-pace battles in the amazing storyline SAO has to offer?

Gather your friends and battle together to showcase your brilliant skills in a fight to the death, and survive all the way to the top.