Star Conflict: Epic Space Battles

star cflct

When there are no asteroids rushing straight towards your ship or enemies pewpewing lasers all around you, you’ll find yourself standing in awe at the amazing graphics Star Conflict has to offer. These cosmic landscapes are worth contemplating- but not for too long, as numerous missions await!

Enter this space action MMO as an elite pilote and engage in a widespread interplanetary skirmish:  explore the galaxy to complete quests and travel around space colonies invaded by an ancient alien race. Meet other players to team up and fight to resist pirates, or invite your friends to form an alliance and create a deadly squadron of elite pilots. Create corporation and take part in the battles for control of the territories and in due time, you will take command of your very own fleet of battleships loaded with guns and rockets.

The large choice of over 100 unique spaceships will have your head spinning, each of them technicalized in specific areas. Earn collectable items and pieces during your quests to upgrade your ship or get your hands dirty and craft your very own starfighter.

Join our teams and prepare to fight in outer space!