Throne: Kingdom at War


This player-versus-player game is set in the kingdom of Amaria, where the reigning monarch has died. Play a mighty descendant of the great King, become worthy of ruling your Kingdom. The future is in your hands now, you will meet devious friend and sincere enemies on your path to the Throne! Get used to the victories that will be on your path, but don’t underestimate your enemies as they can counter with a good blow that will tremble your defences.

Construct your defences, build mines to get the right materials, and use barracks to increase the numbers of your army. Can you hold the balance between all factions and create the perfect kingdom. Then join this Free-to-Play game now and beat all your opponents, expand your reach and claim everything for yourself!


Mighty Lord, your faithful warriors long for battle, their blades thirst for blood, and your brave Hero is ready to lead your army to the edge of the world. Only you can tip the scales of destiny in your favor, every decision is in your hands and it will determine the power of your kingdom.Build your town, turn it into a city. Build your army, start a war. Form an alliance and grow even bigger!! This massively multiplayer online game uses real-time strategy and clan-based warfare. Ever had a dream of leading your own people, now is your chance!!cta