Vikings: War of Clans

This Plarium game provides an unique MMO strategy atmosphere. In the North they know no rest and no mercy, for the furious Vikings live to conquer. Their insatiable lust for glory and wealth urges them to seek both in battle, and in the bitter wind they march towards triumphant victories.
In Vikings: War of Clans, players have to cooperate with each other to create their own clan. Within the clans there is a strict ruling hierarchy from a ranker to the chief, so rank up and gain a high position among your clan. Clans shed blood for the right to call themselves the mightiest in the Kingdom, and Jarls, whose only desire is to wreak vengeance upon their enemies, carry on this ruthless feud – this is the way of life in these dour northern lands.

The main game goal is to capture the place of power, a unique location placed at the center of every kingdom. Find and capture this secret location with the help of your own clan, train your troops and upgrade your personal heroes. Expand your village and let the fear grow among your enemies. Become vicious in trading with lumber, iron, food stone or silver. Take over the market and become the richest clan of all. A clan exist of a maximum of 100 people united by one name, shield, regulations and the clan management.Sign up now for this Free-to-Play game and join one of the 270 available kingdoms with around 45.000 players each.

Can You become the True King of millions of other players?