War Thunder: Ready For Naval Combat



War Thunder is a World War 2 inspired combat simulator, and with its latest addition you will be able to conquer the seas in a varity of boats. The previous expension made it possible to fight on land using the most iconic world war 2 tanks, Now you will be able to fight anywhere using any vehicle. The Russian developer Gaijin is providing us with some serious graphic fidelity using their custom Dagor Engine. The game also has native VR support to provide players with some stunning immersion.

Gameplay. War Thunder offers various game modes ranging from arcade to realistic, all vehicles can be obtained for free witch is always a big plus. The various game modes are currently enabling you to fight each other in thrilling team deathmatches. In addition Gaijin has recently enabled players to be able to create and play custom matches which will let you play some crazy modded game modes.


Find Victory in Diversity. You will be able to conquer different eras from WW2 to the cold war choosing the vehicles of your choice. Join your friends online to obliterate your enemies and carpet bomb their bases. Fight your way to the most historic battles of history and rewrite history. Conquer the seas choosing your favorite nation. War Thunder will offer you an experience unlike any other.